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Experiencing the States of Human Emotion - I Forgot What Heartbreak Felt Like

I've been so closed off emotionally for so long, I forgot how annoyingly frustrating it felt to experience disappointment that leads to anger over still experiencing that feeling.

She just texted me out of the blue as if I was some college applicant,

"After much thought, I have come to the decision that...blah blah blah...hope all goes well with your new job responsibilities!  Hope you do well!" I responded in sincerity,

"I'm struggling Blaque I'm struggling to understand how we went from fine to bad in a heart beat...but in the end all I want is for you to be happy, with or without me in your life.  I just wish you would have called.  Bye Blaque" And just like that my heart did break, or crack deeply, maybe. She went from someone who I spoke to every night before sleeping for an hour, who I loved just being with, just hugging her and kissing her nothing literally over night.

The younger much less wiser and much stupider me would have tried t…

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