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Sitting in a Hotel a Little Tipsy After a Crazy Week

I'm so warmed by the number of new relationships I've developed this past year in North Carolina with new coworkers, new friends, and new students.  While I will never forget the past, I'm embracing my future, however uncertain it is.

I found myself happy setting up all these materials for my 200 kindergarteners and first graders at Henderson Collegiate Elementary for our Field Day.  The students were so happy.  And I walked around just goofing off with them while I had the mounting pressures to enroll an entire new grade level of kindergarteners for next year, preparing my mentee to take over the reigns for the elementary school as Director of Operations, and keeping my own shit together emotionally and psychologically as I embarked upon a journey of healing my relationships with women and improving my honesty and courage.

But I'm still standing, and I expect to continue standing.  Yes, sometimes I'm lonely, and that's why I call my friends.  Yes, sometimes I …

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