About Me

My name is Marvin Espinoza Jr.  I never grew up and probably never will. I love dogs, animals in general, and I love to experiment with writing.  I haven't changed for the past 19 years, for better or for worse.  The only difference now is that I grow facial hair.  Haha.

I hope you continue to follow this blog, and I hope it is unusually meaningful and not superficial.  I will write about not just my life and my observations, but what happens in the days and lives of many people (when I get over being a selfish teenager).  This is a new concept for me, and if you've been an avid follower, you know this blog has changed in the past three years.

Expect it to continue to change.  And if you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to e-mail or leave a post.  I will reply and give you my honest opinion or help direct you to any resource.

I hope you enjoy the journey.  I know I will.  And if you take something away from my writing, I'm happy.  And please let me know!

Read on.

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