Poetry Fails

The Snowflake

Gently; delicately
gliding down,
hung before me
for a moment,


My breathe, droplets in the air,
the ground, your peers, they didn't fare;

In my hand, laid cold,
numb and warm;
I, was too bold,
now left forlorn.

What remained,
my hand wet;
as if we'd never met.

But you mattered,
however brief,
to me, in grief

Before melting
like your peers,
but in my hand,
because of fear.

The snowflake.
As you melt
down my palm,
this I felt,
this you take:

a future unknown
a past cut short
a warmth left cold:

a heart unfolding.

It is like the great scientist, Francis Bacon, wrote:
"A principal fruit of friendship, is the ease and discharge of the fullness and swellings of the heart, which passions of all kinds do cause and induce...you may take sarza to open the liver, steel to open the spleen, flowers of sulphur for the lungs, castoreum for the brain; but no receipt openeth the heart, but a true friend; to whom you may impart griefs, joys, fears, hopes, suspicions, counsels, and whatsoever lieth upon the heart to oppress it, in a kind of civil shrift or confession."

The Flower

Trees hold, their roots in ground
while leaves swirl in and around
while I sit and wonder
how it all goes asunder.

Yet the sun, it shines,
warming within its light;

the moon, white and pale,
guides me in the night

And still the Earth feeds
with gardens, all my needs,
so that I am living.

Even with just a flower,
it is worth, this final hour.

The World Would See Thee Smile

If only the world would see,
Then just maybe,
It would end internecine;

If only the world would see,
Then just maybe
It would forget tyranny;

If only the world would see,
Then, just maybe
it would believe serenity;

If only;

Then, just maybe
It would see
What I love
in Humanity.

One day, it may be
One day, hopefully
One day, maybe;

The World Would See Thee Smile. 

An Ode

From Everything To Always

From brooking heartaches
to baking pancakes;
From enduring heartbreaks
to eating wedding cakes;

Though sometimes late
which is okay;
Though sometimes away
but never too far;

You and I.

So Far Away, the Petal sways

On the other side of the world,
you play.

In the close quarters of my heart,
you stay.

Rose, so opaquely delicate scarlet,
with stem and thorns,

from afar, you cause furrows along my cheeks
in close proximity, you cause furrows along my lips 

Little Cloud

Mr. Cloud, up above so sigh above me
Why don't you come down here for a moment?
Will you tell me what it is like?

Will you take me with you into the odd sky?
Will you take me to the end of the world?
Will you take me to a place, just you and I?
Will you take me with you for a little twirl?

How do you feel like when you rain down above me?
How do you feel like when you snow down above me?
How do you feel like when you hail down above me?
How do you feel when you just float on by above me?

Mr. Cloud, show me the way home.
I believe you and I go the same way.
Show me the way to eternity.
Show me the way to serenity.

Sometimes I see you in a beautiful throng of bunnies
You look so shiny and bright and white and funny.
Sometimes I see you alone, floating aimlessly abroad
You look so dull and dark and sad and a little cold.

When you are so, are you looking for the bunnies?
I know where they are.
They are just over that Horizon over there.
Come. Let me join you.

Mr. Cloud
We will find them together.
Mr. Cloud
What do you say?

An Ode to a Friend

I knock on your door.
"Walk with me."
There is so much more.
"Walk with me."

Feel the sun.
Feel the rain.
Feel the grass.
Feel the mist.

Walk with me.
Walk to the end.
Walk and see,
With me, my friend.

Trip over a stone.
Trip over a crack.
Trip over a stick.
Trip over to break.

Trip, and I Catch.
Trip, and I follow.

My legs hurt.
My ankles hurt.
My feet hurt.
My knees hurt.

Hurt, and I lean,
I lean on you.

My heart cringes
My heart gimaces
My heart hurts
My heart stalls.

My friend,
You see it.
You see it.
It smiles.

You frown.

You grieve.
You lament.
You sigh.
You talk to me.

Your heart whispers.
I listen.

Walk with me.
We have miles,
miles to go.
With me, My Friend.

walk with me. 

My Dear Friend

smiles and laughter;
frowns and groans;
With you, my friend,
I Cherish them all.

Simply, A Man

A lazy man
is alone;
A loving man
is at home.  

Last Night

When you are looking outside your window
What do you see in the sky?
All that has gone awry with your day flow?
Or hope in the land above high?

Do you sit and dream with the stars?
Or do the stars sit and dream with you?
Do you look for constellations of your heart?
Or is it your heart that’s looking for you?

I found myself staring at the world above
Littered with twilight and diamonds unscathed
Searching for an answer to a prolix question
Scouring the heavens, traveling pace a plague

Only to find an answer of rustic
Yet intertwined with complexity
In searching I find nothing
For it is not a search, but a sally

What I saw. What I found.

What I saw. What I found.

Put my Jacket on.
Put my pants on.
Put my shoes on.
Stepped out the door.

Texas Heat flustered me.
Had to take my Jacket off.
Louisiana chilled me.
Had to put my Jacket on.

Stepped out of the hippie van,
"Welcome to New York"
No need for my California Tan
Seriously, this has to work.

Woke up from the ferries horn,
The British aren''t fond of strayers.
Germans love sausage. More!
New clothes. Gotta move faster.

Russia isn't so fun: Siberia
Spent months in the Gulags.
Prisoners wore my clothes.
I wore their clothes.

Almost permanenced my stay.
I remembered: No way.
I gotta get there. One day.
I have to. I'm on my way.

Revolted with a coup d'etat
Ran as fast as I could.
Eskimos found me:
washed up on the Bering Sea

Eskimo: "Alaskan Salmon?"
"Thanks. Where can I find Oranges?"
"Keep going. Come on."

Canadians don't like beards.
No wonder they're lame.
Canadians don't like frayed clothes.
Sheesh, seriously: lame.

Love their bacon though.
It is Canadian.
Washington is green.
Oregon is mean.

Both got crazy whites.

Ah, here I am.
Walk up the steps.
Check my self:
glass reflection.

"I need to shave.
I need a new Jacket.
I need some new Pants.
I need new shoes."

The door opens.
"You made it!"
I see the smile.
"Yeah, I did."

"What took you so long?"
"I went East."
"You should've gone west."
"I like to be dramatic"

"You look like crap."
"Do I?
"I know."

Just like old times.


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